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Sexual role play is an activity in which two or more people take on certain roles and act out scenarios based on their sexual fantasies. One of the most popular BDSM games today is DDLG for beginners. These games feature special costumes and sexy paraphernalia. Especially for lovers of DDLG fetish and there are DDLG chat sites. All DDLG online dating users adore BDSM relationships, in which there is a dominant partner in the role of “daddy” or “mommy” and a submissive partner in the role of a child.

Most of the men on DDLG sites excite the submissiveness of the girls, and also the fact that they are in complete control of the process. It is also worth noting that DDLG chat rooms help to find exactly those “babes” with whom male users of such sex adult DD / LG websites can realize all their sexual fantasies. If you are interested and want to know about the coolest DDLG websites, then in this review you will find all the important information about them.

DDLG Chat Room Hookup

DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl) relationships are a type of hookup that has taken root well in the fetish environment, and the people in the subject understand what it means. However, for a beginner with this type of BDSM relationship, misunderstandings can arise, and before registering on any DDLG chatroom, it is worth learning more information. This is a role-playing game in which two adults are involved, aware of their passions and preferences, and where everything happens by mutual agreement.

The dominant in this case takes on the role of the guardian, and the submissive takes on the role of the child. And although the power is concentrated in the hands of the first, order and punishment are not the main ways of interaction here, and everything is based on sincere tenderness and care.

By choosing one of the DDLG group chat hookup sites you will find many more variations of this fetish. This is MDLG (Mommy Domme Little Girl), and DDLB (Daddy Dom Little Boy), and any others. This kink is quite popular and truly universal because there can be no gender restrictions for caring, only the desire to show and accept it is important. For example, about 17 thousand people (1, 2, 3, 4) have subscribed to thematic subreddits, and about 45 thousand users are registered on the main DDLG forum on the network.

DDLG Chat Sites

DDLG Chat Sites – Pros

Studies have found that people who engage in various BDSM fetishes, including DDLG, have decreased levels of psychological stress, improved mood, and increased sexual arousal. It is also worth noting that dominants and submissives have different feelings. The former fall into a pleasant state of complete concentration on the process and loss of self-awareness (due to merging with activity). It can be compared to the flow state described by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The latter, on the contrary, feel complete relaxation, peacefulness, and a sense of life in the present moment. Therefore, if you want to meet DDLG naughty fetishists to experience these pleasant emotions, then register on the reliable DDLG website.

Visiting DDLG online sites also helps in helping you find useful links to photo and video resources on the topic. Thanks to which you can choose or adjust fetishes. Members of the forum often share their great experiences and stories from life. They discuss all kinds of cases, describe scenes and experiments in detail.

Popular DDLG Sites

Unlike vanilla, on themed sex adult DDLG websites, you can enter parameters not only for gender, age, and place of residence but also select interests in the topic in the search menu. Also, you can determine who you want to find a baby or daddy. Most profiles list specific interests and taboos. The appearance of the person you are looking for is very important, so you can choose an image from photographs.

It is much easier to imagine a character in your fantasies when you already know how he looks. On the DDLG chat sex hookup platforms presented in this review, many have photos from the 18+ section. This adds color and makes searches more enjoyable. On such sites, you can easily find both beginners and experienced fans of this fetish. So, here is a more detailed description of each of the popular 5 DDLG chat sites, pros, cons, features.

DDLG Dating


  • Lots of positive reviews and ratings after the first date;
  • Offers based on location;
  • Search functionality with various filters;
  • Integration of the calendar into the application;
  • Live video chat;
  • Offline app access.


  • There is no way to restore your account.

DDLG Dating is a popular mobile adult dating app. It has additional tools for communication and the popularization of your own profile. The authors of this great DDLG website emphasize that healthy sexual relationships are quite possible without a romantic attachment, and everything that happens between partners should remain exclusively between them. Here you can choose a partner in the closest proximity to you and agree on the terms of a meeting for sex. The application is more popular in the USA and European countries but you can DDLG meet from other regions.

DD/LG Matchmaking


  • Login options like Google and Facebook;
  • User Profile View / Profile Edit Screen / Add Profile Photo Stream;
  • Attractive user interface with features like Tinder swiping and matchmaking;.
  • Compliance guidelines;
  • Chat options – text, photo, and video messages.


  • Pop-up notifications.

DD / LG Matchmaking is another popular niche adult DDLG site for fans of this fetish. The mechanisms of interaction with profiles and communication here are identical to most of the popular adult hookup chats, only the application itself is aimed at representatives of the DD / LG movement. Thanks to a solid membership base, you can easily find both traditional people and other non-binary personalities.


  • Cool and undemanding mobile application;
  • A large number of photos, a bet on visual information;
  • Huge selection of options;
  • Elementary simple geolocation setting for finding people nearby.


  • Paid options and the presence of bots. is one of the most popular fetish sites. Users of this cool adult sex site easily find alternative partners, DDLG partners, and other fetishes. Also, you will find singles, unicorns, swingers looking for sex hookups. The authors of the development promise complete anonymity and adequacy of all participants. Therefore, if you are looking for a worthwhile fetish site where you can chat with members online, watch the video, then Alt is a good choice.



  • Fast sign-up;
  • Responsive customer support;
  • Intuitive friendly interface;
  • A large number of questionnaires.


  • Geolocation search is difficult.

AdultFriendFinder is one of the most popular fetishes dating sites. To date, the number of users of this huge sex hooking community has exceeded a million sex addicts from all over the world. Therefore, you can easily find not only DDLG lovers, but also bondage lovers, threesomes, swinger parties, etc. Registration is free, like all basic features, but for more comfortable use, it is recommended to upgrade your subscription to premium. For a relatively modest fee, you get a lot of powerful features to find the sexiest and true DDLG fetishists.

DDLG Chat Room Hookup



  • Nice responsive design;
  • A proven track record;
  • No cheating by bots;
  • Real profiles for finding sex hookups.


  • There are no cons as such, except for the paid functionality.

FetLife is a DDLG dating website that caters to people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and kink. This top-notch fetish sex adult site was launched in 2008. The target audience is youth and adult men and girls who are looking for each other for role-playing sex games. There are many questionnaires, they are available for viewing. To write to users, go through the registration procedure. The advantages of FetLife are the simplicity and clarity of navigation, the ability to find a person who is really a real fetishist.

The work policy is simple, honest, so the resource is trusted. To enter from mobile devices, a browser version is provided (functionality, design are identical to the main one). Like other similar fetish sites, there are both free and paid options. Among the paid features there is the ability to configure geolocation, raise the profile to the top, create convenient notifications, etc.


At the end of this review, it is worth noting that DDLG sex adult sites help millions of fans of this fetish find each other on the net. Another important advantage of DD/LG websites is that they guarantee complete confidentiality to their users. If you decide to try yourself in the role of a caring daddy or a little kid, then check out one of the online resources presented in this DDLG review.


What Does DDLG Mean?

It Means daddy dom, little girl. most often a BDSM arrangement between older males and younger females, but can be between anyone. another acronym cg/l is more general, meaning caregiver/little. Some couples find extreme comfort in this relationship dynamic.

Can Only Men Play Top Role in DDLG Hookup?

It’s important to note that while the term DDLG traditionally describes an adult man being the Daddy Dom, and an adult woman being the little girl in this dynamic, it doesn’t have to be gender-specific. The “top” role is the Dominant Daddy, and the “bottom” role is the little girl. In fact, anyone on the gender spectrum can play any role they like in this dynamic. The key to the dynamic is that one partner plays the more protective, caregiving role, and the other person plays the submissive little role.

What Is The Most Common SafeWord for DD/LG Hookups?

According to the survey of 1,300 adults conducted by the UK sex toy brand Lovehoney, the number one safe word is “red,” followed by “pineapple,” “banana” (okay, that makes sense), “orange,” and “peach,” in that order. Rounding out the top 10 are “apple,” “vanilla,” “yellow,” “blue,” and “unicorn.”

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