Top Erotic Chats in 2023

For Internet users in Europe and the United States, erotic video chats and sexting are common. These ways of online sex have many fans. Although the majority of countries’ governments do not consider it legitimate, more and more people join adult dating websites. Let us find out why they are so popular.

What Is an Eros Chat

By erotic chat, we mean an online video chat in which a participant (model) can be nude performing an erotic or pornographic show via a webcam. In most cases, for the viewer, watching is a paid service, and for the owners of a web resource, it is a way of earning money.

The users of the chat can be divided into two categories:

  • models (women, men, couples, groups) who broadcast an erotic show in real-time
  • clients (or viewers) who watch this performance and communicate with models using text messages.

Because viewers want to remain anonymous, models usually do not see them. They can only read their messages.

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6 Best Platforms for Erotic Chatting

What websites for erotic chatting to choose among the thousands similar services? Here we gathered the most popular and developing services, mentioning their pros and cons.

#1 Tinder

Everyone has heard of Tinder at least once. It sees over 2 billion views per day and inspires over 1.5 million dates per week. It provides not only matchmaking for romantic relationships but a free erotic text chat.

Pros of Tinder

  • 50% of Tinder members are under 25 years old
  • huge profile base
  • no credit card required
  • available for IOS and Android
  • the website is safe

Cons of Tinder

  • it is not a specialized erotic website
  • a free version has a lot of advertising
  • there are location restrictions
  • with so many users you cannot be sure your erotic pics will not leak out

#2 Sext Local

It is one of the best erotic chat sites for beginners.

Pros of Sext Local

  • live-chat
  • the site is well established
  • users can report spam profiles and block unwanted connections
  • free to use, has no paid features or ‘golden’ membership

Cons of Sext Local

  • there is no mobile app
  • no identity verification during registration
  • profiles are public
  • sometimes users report on scam

#3 Snapchat

girls use it to make funny Instagram content, adult girls – as erotic text chat.

Pros of Snapchat

  • there are plenty of pornstars
  • it notifies users if their messages are saved or screenshotted
  • has a geo-filtering function
  • user-friendly interface

Cons of Snapchat

  • has premium membership for advanced features
  • personal information is not absolutely safe
  • requires a paid membership for more convenient chatting features

#4 Friend Finder X

Originally, it is a casual hookup site, but eros chat is a common thing there.

Pros of Friend Finder X

  • conversation are non-paid, including free adult dating
  • young audience
  • live webcam shows by professional models are free
  • has been present on the market for over 12 years

Cons of Friend Finder X

  • users are regular people, not pornstars or sexting professionals
  • Sex Academy, full-length videos, and full-sized photos are available for paid members only
  • the site does not have automatic matching
  • not for swingers, couple fun swap, BDSM

#5 Dust

This one offers an anonymous most encrypted erotic sex chat among all.

Pros of Dust

  • an encrypted secure messaging system to defend nudes and other confidential information
  • registration through Facebook/Twitter/Google allows you to search for your friends on Dust
  • text messages self-destruct in 24 hours
  • the platform never shows your name in erotic chat rooms

Cons of Dust

  • screenshotting is allowed
  • the app requires access to the contacts on your phone
  • you cannot organize an erotic video chat

#6 BangSexting

BangSexting is for those who are not welcomed on Friend Finder X. Swingers, couple fun swaps, BDSM, threesome – users can make all their perverted fantasies come true.

Pros of BangSexting

  • people here do not hope to build a romantic relationship
  • the platform encourages everyone to feel free about their desires
  • you can find people from your area
  • automatic matching system find you a partner based on your sexual preferences

Cons of BangSexting

  • some users claim their information is now well-secured
  • the profile base is not so big
  • does not have a clear safety policy

Features of a Good Adult Erotic Chat

All the websites mentioned above are considered to have a good erotic chat room. But what makes them good? What features do qualitative erotic chats have?

A Variety of Communication Tools

A good chat is a diverse chat. It should offer different ways of communication – texting, sending photos, video calls. If an adult erotic chat has this variety, it can meet many people’s

needs, which means a wide audience and a huge number of models and clients.

Opportunity to Create Your Room

It is interesting when an erotic website isn’t designed just for dirty talk. In a good free erotic chat, people must have a chance to communicate, not only masturbate. There should be an option to create a new chat room of any type. For instance, it may be sports, art, or college chat.

Strong Security

Your erotic photos, videos, and text messages must stay safe. Before joining a chat and paying money, make sure that it has a safety policy. You must have the ability to delete all the content for your interlocutor. The app cannot allow making screenshots and downloading media files, too. A reliable adult dating platform has 24/7 customer support to report to in dangerous situations.

Free Membership

Many adult dating website have paid membership offering advanced features. However, a trusted one should provide a free trial. If they ask you to pay at the very beginning, get out of there! It might be a fraud.

Positive Users’ Reviews

There are always many users’ reviews on good erotic websites. If you cannot find a word about an erotic roleplay chat, it is a sign of its insecurity. Remember: even negative responses are better than nothing!

Adult Erotic Chat

How to Choose a Reliable Erotic Chat

Communication through free erotic sex chat is pretty risky. Often clients fall for the scam and lose their money. Also, the models might be forced to perform a show, which is illegal. Here you have several tips on how to choose a good and reliable erotic platform.

Read User Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, if a platform has many reviews, it is spread worldwide and has a lot of users. That means thousands of people have already checked the erotic chat and are ready to share their experiences.

Compare Pricing

Usually, the prices for erotic chat online differ from site to site. And the rule “the higher price – the better quality” does not always work. Compare the prices and choose a service with better membership terms.

Ask Friends

It is also good to ask your friends for advice. They may have tried some adult dating services and can give you a reliable insight. Do not be afraid or ashamed of it – erotic desires are natural!

Check the Legitimacy

For people, a free erotic chat room is tempting. However, it may be an illegal website that will bring you more problems than delight. To check if the chosen erotic chat is legal, use McAfee free tool. Just copy and paste the questionable site’s URL into the corresponding line and click “Look Up”. This app will show you the level of risk.


Using an erotic chat is a great option for people who need a new sexual experience. There are many reliable platforms for it but do not be lazy to choose them carefully. Follow the rules of checking the legitimacy and share your personal information (texts, nudes) with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Erotic Chat Work?

Erotic chat is a kind of online video chat in which a participant (model) can be nude performing an erotic or pornographic show via a webcam. In most cases, watching is a paid service. The users of the chat can be divided into two categories:

  • models who broadcast an erotic show in real-time
  • clients who watch this performance and communicate with models through text messages.

What Are the Best Erotic Chat Websites?

There are thousands of different erotic websites on the Internet. According to the users’ reviews, the following platforms offer the best erotic chats:

  • Tinder
  • Sext Local
  • Snapchat
  • Friend Finder X
  • Dust
  • BangSexting

All of them keep your personal information safe, defend your anonymity, and hire professional models. These sites have a loyal pricing system, too.

How to Check if the Erotic Chat Is Legal?

To check the legitimacy of a chosen website, we recommend using McAfee free tool. You have to copy-paste the erotic site’s URL into the McAfee tool and click “Look Up”. The app defines a risk rating: “High Risk,” “Medium Risk,” “Unverified” and “Minimal Risk.” Anything other than a “Low Risk” rating indicates questionable legitimacy and it is dangerous to register on this platform.

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