All About Spanking Chat Rooms

Do you think that you cannot actualize some of your fetishes online? If so, you are wrong. With the help of modern technologies, even the activities that require physical presence can be held online. Spanking chat is among them.

Nowadays, it is easy to find spanking partner (or even several ones) for any of your sexual desires. There are even special advertising websites for people looking for a certain kind of BDSM fetishes. In this article, we will tell what are spanking chats and how to find them.

What Is a Spanking Chat Room?

A short reference for newcomers. A long time ago, spanking appeared not for sexual pleasure but as a form of corporal punishment. It was present in almost every culture. Over time, spanking ceased to be a form of punishment, and today most of us associate it mostly with sex. BDSM fans use multiple devices to perform this activity: palm, paddle, belt, whip, rods, cane, whip (stack).

A spanking chat works like that. People connect via video and perform spanking on their partners. Other people watch and give orders on what to do next.

Why Do People Get Pleasure From Spanking?

According to a survey held by one of the largest sex shops Lovehoney, 75% of women are ready to practice spanking in sex. Among men, the percentage is lower: 66% love spanking. These high numbers are due to how the practice affects the body. Spanking can trigger an adrenaline rush that awakens positive emotions. Moreover, the additional blood flow to the pelvis as a result of a playful slap makes all the nerve receptors of the skin more sensitive, awakening sexual arousal. In some way, using a spanking chat can make you healthier!

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How Spanking Works in Real Life

In fact, spanking is a whole culture that has its own canons and distinctive features. Many people confuse spanking with flagellation, where the emphasis is on flexible attributes such as whips or rods. In spanking, things with a large surface area are used, most often a palm.

Rules of Spanking

#1 Agree on Your Vision

Physical impact on your partner is a crucial step, so it is important to understand correctly how you want it to be. It is better to discuss the process in advance so that there are no surprises during the intimacy.

#2 You Need a Stop-Word

If you are uncomfortable, then it is important to state it. This is what stop words are for because an ordinary request in a fit of emotion can be misunderstood. The stop word, on the other hand, makes it clear that it is time to stop, it should be short and completely inappropriate for the situation.

#3 Check Your Partner’s Physical Condition

During the flogging, as you know, hormones are produced, which interfere with the perception of feelings adequately: the pain is dulled, and the person may not feel it. So don’t be too zealous. Start with light blows, gradually preparing the body to build up the pace. From time to time, ask your partner if he/she is OK.

#4 Do Not Do Harm

It is important to hit the lower part, avoiding the area of ​​the kidneys, spine, tailbone, and so on. Endorphins are endorphins, but no pleasant sensation is worth the health. Therefore, at the first sign of malaise, you must immediately stop spanking. If the consequences of a stormy night persist, then you must definitely contact a specialist.

The Most Popular Spanking Chat Sites

Meeting people who share your sexual desires isn’t always easy. But when this platform was launched, it changed the story.

Pros of

  • live-chat
  • the site is well-established and easy to use
  • users can report on spam profiles
  • has many users

Cons of

  • has no mobile app
  • no proof of identity verification
  • profiles are public
  • no anonymous payment methods

Total Score – 8/10

This dating website is in the BDSM – Fetish category. The website welcomes people of straight, gay, and lesbian sexual orientation.

Pros of

  • wide range of search tools
  • easy and quick registration
  • has free membership
  • diversity of users

Cons of

  • no mobile app
  • the site is very young (2 years old)
  • profiles are public, so everybody will know you use this spanking dating site
  • no anonymous payment methods

Total Score – 7/10

It is a free spanking chat offering active live chat rooms, online webcam sessions, and messaging.

Pros of

  • many different communication options
  • no fee required
  • popular among young people
  • detailed and effective privacy policy

Cons of

  • your profile will automatically be shown on related dating platforms or to related users in the network
  • no app available

Total Score – 9/10

According reviews, it is one of the best free spanking sites. Though, they have a paid membership. It is legit and safe to use and not a scam website.

Pros of

  • huge profile base
  • according to Xolphin SSL Check, the website has a valid SSL certificate
  • offers payment methods that allow you to get your money back
  • available in many countries

Cons of

  • on WHOIS the identity of the owner seem to be hidden
  • no reviews were found on commonly used review sites
  • this website is very young
  • no mobile app

Total Score – 9,6/10

It is not a specialized website to find a spanking partner. However, this platform brings together a lot of different chat rooms, including spanking ones.

Pros of

  • offers free spanking chat rooms
  • has many registered users
  • can meet everyone’s needs

Cons of

  • possibility of spammers and scam
  • has no profile verification, so often there are people below 18
  • some reviews report on pedophiles and other perverts

Total Score – 5/10

This one is among the most popular spanking dating sites. Although special features are paid for, many people do not regret spending money here.

Pros of

  • registration is free
  • you can browse member profiles & pics for free
  • diversity of communication tools: shat, sending flirts, video chats

Cons of

  • prices are higher than average
  • one rarely can meet people of 18-22 years on this dating website
  • no mobile app is available

Total Score – 8,5/10

How to Use a Free Spanking Chat Safely

After having registered on a spanking chat, some people think they are allowed to do anything. Fortunately or not, there are some rules you should obey so that your experience would be safe, responsible, and pleasant.

Agree on Restrictions

A model’s range of ‘products’ is limited. Some people do not agree to use particular devices (whips instead of palms). They would not do it even if clients asked them to. So, our message is: respect the borders, even if you are in a dominant position. If your role is submission, speak on stop-words and things you will not perform, too.

Spanking Chat Sites

Use Reliable Websites

Always check a dating website before registering and especially before paying. Who knows, maybe it is a scam? If needed, it is better to pay more for a platform with a good reputation than use questionable free adult spanking sites.

Keep It Secret

Of course, your partner (or partners) may know you have registered in the spanking room. But still, we advise you to keep it top secret. The anonymous browser and VPN are worth using, as well. Our digital footsteps may play a bad joke with us one day. Do not be lazy to hide them.

Do Not Share Your Personal Information

Almost every free spanking chat room user recommends using pseudonyms, turning off geolocation, and not upload photos where it is easy to see your face. You never know if a chat colleague has good intentions.

Check the Models’ Age

We understand: some people love young boys and girls. Those fetishes are not weird in adult spanking chat. However, the police do not agree. If a model is under 18, the viewers will be prosecuted. Yes, even if he/she does spanking voluntarily.


In this article, we have told you about what is a spanking chat, what best spanking chat sites exist, and how to use them safely. Remember this information, and your online spanking experience will be amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Spanking Chat?

A spanking chat is an online chat room where people with spanking and BDSM fetish gather to perform and watch this activity. These sites became extremely popular during the last decade and keep gaining their fans. According to statistics, 26% of youth have tried such platforms at least once.

What Are the Most Popular Spanking Websites?

Nowadays, it is very easy to find a perfect dating website focusing on the most unique niches. Here is the list of the most used websites for spanking:


However, some people claim they are not legit and scam, these platforms are leaders in the niche.

What Are the Rules of Safe Spanking?

In the beginning, spanking was a way of punishment. For instance, teachers used whips and palms to teach the students a lesson (not literally). Now, this activity has become a part of BDSM practice, but it is still dangerous. Here are the rules of safe and responsible spanking:

  • create a stop-word
  • listen to your partner
  • set and respect the borders
  • do not cause harm
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